Einstein's Theory of Relativity Versus Classical Mechanic

Author: Paul Marmet
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Contains 200 pages, Hard Dark Green Cover, 144 mm. x 222 mm.

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Einstein's Theory of Relativity 
Classical Mechanics
Paul Marmet

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Copyright © 1997 - Paul Marmet
ISBN 0-921272-18-9
Newton Physics Books
Ogilvie Road
Gloucester, ON.
Canada, K1J 7N4

About the author:
Paul Marmet O.C., F.R.S.C.
Ph. D. in Physics in 1960
Order of Canada
Fellow Royal Society of Canada
President: Canadian Association of Physicists (1981-82)

Professor at Laval University 1961-84
Senior Research Officer at the
Herzberg Research Institute of Astrophysics
National Research Council of Canada, 1984-91
Professor of Physics, University of Ottawa
Ottawa, K1N 6N5 Canada 1991-1999

Books from the same author:
A New Non-Doppler Redshift (1980)
Physics Department,
Laval University, Québec,
Canada, G1K 7P4

Absurdities in Modern Physics: A Solution (1993)
Les Éditions du Nordir 
c/o R. Yergeau, 165 Waller St.
Simard Hall,
Ottawa, Ontario,
Canada, K1N 6N5

Plus about 100 refereed articles in the field of
electron impact spectroscopy, astrophysics and relativity.

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"Since the mathematicians have invaded the theory
of relativity,
I do not understand it myself anymore"

         - Albert Einstein

Meta Research Bulletin, 3, 1 (11) 1994, P.O. Box 15186,
Chevy Chase, MD, 20825-5186, USA.

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