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( Last checked 2023/08/21 - The estate of Paul Marmet )

USB stick of the Complete Newton Physics Web Site

USB Drive   A USB Flash Drive is available containing all the books, papers and video of the original website.
  This USB Flash Drive gives a complete and fast access to all these pages without the need of any connection to the internet.  Included on the USB Flash Drive are three books, several papers and video that makes about 70 papers (HTML format), and an additional high quality video file (~127 MB) which is not on this web site.

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Einstein's Theory of Relativity Versus Classical Mechanics

Book CoverAuthor: Paul Marmet

Contains 200 pages, Hard Dark Green Cover, 144 mm. x 222 mm.
ISBN 0-921272-18-9

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"Einstein's Theory of Relativity versus Classical Mechanics" + Complete "NewtonPhysics" website
USB Flash Drive Memory
Complete "NewtonPhysics" website

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