Animated Lectures on Fundamental Physics

Paul Marmet (1932-2005)

( Last checked 2020/12/14 - The estate of Paul Marmet )
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         This site presents a series of 3D animated videos showing some fundamental characteristics of light.  These .avi animations can be seen directly on your computer.  Everything is free. We are just interested in teaching fundamental science.

        You can download each .avi animation from the Web as shown below.  Of course, you also need a video (.avi) player, which must be previously installed.  If you use Windows, you have a video player at:
Accessories/Multiplayer/Windows Media Player
          On the Web you can get QuickTime or VideoSnap, etc… 
          You can see these animations and examine them as carefully as you like after downloading these animations into your computer.  The .avi files are necessarily large. The downloading time of the .avi file might be about 5 minutes when the video file is transmitted using a telephone line. Be patient. 
         You can copy the file in your own computer.  The safest way is to click on the right hand button of your mouse BEFORE DOWNLOADING THE FILE, select SAVE LINK AS...,  then choose the directory where the video file will be downloaded and then click on SAVE. 
After downloading, go to that same chosen directory, and you will see the video just clicking on file name:   258-Video.avi
Furthermore, a very high quality .avi file is easily available on USB Flash Drive
Fundamental Nature of Light
Explanation and Video (1.5 meg) on the 
Fundamental Nature of Light   CLICK HERE

VIDEO-2    (coming soon)
Quantization of Electromagnetic Radiation by Atoms.
Detailed explanation of the phenomenon illustrated on Video-2                LINK 
Photon versus electromagnetic radiation.doc

We see how the electromagnetic energy flow is continuous but its DETECTION is quantized.
Quantization of light also occurs in the emission of electromagnetic radiation by atoms, because their states are naturally quantized. 

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